Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Olivier Theyskens named Artistic Director of Theory

Olivier Theyskens, king of fairy tale and dreamy chiffon and feminine goth and all things poetic, mashes up with everyday-office-wear brand Theory.

Strength: A very original marriage between "fantasy" and "reality"
Weakness: His ready-to-wear collections with Nina Ricci had always been quite dramatic...can he take it down a notch to ready-to-GO-wear?
Opportunity: I can now afford his creations
Threat: Will he forgo his signature style to fit the signature Theory look?

There's something about him that's almost too magical and surreal for Theory...however we may be in for a surprise. Would really like to see him revamp the everyday-work-wear.

As Nina Ricci's Front Man:

His more Theory-flavoured Rochas days:

Theory test drives the Belgian designer with its SS11 collection:

What is your take on his new move?

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